To the English reader.

This little volume has seen five Hebrew editions during recent years, and as the interest in the subject of "Messiah" is still on the rise among Israelis today, it is becoming one of the most widely circulated Messianic books in the Hebrew language.

Soon the State of Israel will celebrate its year of Jubilee. The many ups and downs of its short history, ideals, high hopes and illusions which had to give way to often bitter realities have brought about a mental and spiritual readiness in our people to contemplate about a personified Messiah.

We have received in the last 18 months over 4500 request of the book in Hebrew and a very substantial number of letters from the reader which express mostly very positive reactions. "It is a very realistic book", they say. "I enjoyed each chapter of the book with its astonishingly clear explanations". Or, "The book invalidates the superficial and bashful approach on this subject that has evolved over the years and that has hidden from us the depth of the simple truth. These veils have now been removed by the book, and herein lies its greatness." This is the reason to publish this book in English.

I am sure that this book, which is largely based on the heritage of Jewish religious thinking, will also appeal to English readers throughout the world. It is our wish that its circulation will be as wide as its Hebrew counterpart, to enlighten many who earnestly await the arrival of the Messiah.

Jerusalem, Adar 5752, February 1992

The Editor
Victor Smadja 

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